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Tobin Mueller is a composer, playwright, virtuoso pianist and Hammond B3 organist. His musical compositions range from Jazz Fusion to Progressive Rock, Broadway musicals to Old-School Funk, Jamband improvisations to Classical ballet. He has appeared on over 40 albums and recorded with such legends as Dave Brubeck, Ron Carter, Jon Anderson, Brian Welch ("Head" from Korn), Scott Rockenfield  (Queensrÿche), as well as Grammy-winners Donny McCaslin, Paul Nelson, Michael Hedges and Carl Fischer. Mueller is a member of NYC Dramatist Guild and ASCAP.

His most recent release is a career-spanning compilation, Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 1-5. 100 recordings of contemporary music, remixed, remastered, some newly performed. "One of the most diverse and talented jazz performers today. Every track delivers. Contemporary jazz at its finest." - Jazziz Magazine

Tobin Mueller's original jazz

Saddle Shoe Sally (from "Best of Tobin Mueller, Vol. 1: Jazz Originals")

Best of Tobin Mueller  presents Mueller's top contemporary jazz, funk, fusion, & progress rock recordings. Volume 1  includes his best original Jazz & Funk; Volume 2  reinterprets the great Standards with Mueller's own brand of Fusion; Volume 3  focuses on Prog Rock; Volume 4  is a collection of his best Adult Contemporary songs; Volume 5  completes the series with original Chill Jazz, New Age and late night offerings.

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The band

Best of tobin mueller

"One of the most diverse and talented jazz composers today presents a career spanning 5-volume compilation. Every track delivers. Contemporary jazz at its finest."
- Jazziz Magazine

"Snatches energy out of the universe and toss it around like a meteor shower! Fusion jazz at its best. It reminds me of the days when Herbie Hancock’s Headhunter album was blowing our minds. It wreaks of that kind of inspiration."
- Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs

"Jazz that takes you on a journey. Skillfully paced and plotted, this is a top notch experience for the instrumental music enthusiast..."
- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Amazing jazz. Effortless, expansive, beautiful, awesome..."

- John LaMantia, Downbeat Magazine

"Fun and funky, sweet toned and creative, tunes woven together like they were for The Brecker Brothers. Mueller plays more angles than a musical Rubik's Cube. Highly recommended."
- George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Jaw dropping. Searing guitar. Gripping, sexy sax riffs. Stealing the show once again, Tobin Mueller performs on the keyboard, fusing funk, jazz, progressive metal into a masterpiece of arranging."

- Blow Ya Speakers

"Volume 3 is a symphonic whirlwind of prog passion! Led by the massive keyboards of Tobin Mueller, dense harmonies and contributions from the likes of Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche) and Bob Piper (Pleaides), this is a true combination of energy and poetry. You will return to this collection time and time again.”

- Brian Gerhart, The Progressive Ear

‘Prog Fusion’ pushes everything to more profound places, higher, beyond the normal limits of music-making. Twenty-Two tracks redefining what prog is, what it might be, due to the album’s sheer adventurousness and exploratory nature. An album forged of classical grace and rock groove. Pop accessibility and jazz complexity. An album that disregards rules and demarcations. A truly post-genre suite of music!”

- Dave Franklin, U.K. Album Reviews

"What binds this diverse music into a seamless album is a group of amazing musicians sharing their unbridled joy of making music together. It swings and soars, rocks and rolls, often all but dancing out of the music player. More than impressive!"

- Kathy Parsons,

'Like Shakespeare's Sonnets, the songs on Volume 4 are the most personal and innermost expressions of Tobin Mueller.  The listener is introduced to Tobin as poet and playwright as well as Tobin the musician and composer.  Literally in his own voice, we are privy to his thoughts, feelings, and observations about life. The recordings intimately accentuate his clear and expressive voice.  Listening, you will get to know him like longtime friends do. An evocative and moving experience.”

- William Bletzinger, graduate of Carnegie Mellon and Yale Schools of Drama and director of Mueller's first play

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"Nothing short of excellent. Tobin Mueller, who has performed across the entire spectrum of jazz, combines genres to recreate a fabulous assortment of jazz classics."  -  O's Place Jazz Magazine

"A jazz-fusion tour de force. Each spin and turn opens the door to a new interpretive wrinkle that is sure to delight." - Jazziz Magazine

"A masterpiece in the Epic Prog tradition.” - Progressive Magazine


Tobin Mueller plays a wide variety of instruments: grand piano; Hammond B3 organ; Wurlitzer, Rhodes and DX7 electric pianos; ARP 2600, Planet, ES2 and Moog synths; clavichord; Trilian acoustic, fretless and electric bass; nylon string guitar, harp;  plus other acoustic instruments to create layering: celeste, dulcitone, harmonium, glockenspiel, tubular bells. He also plays an array of percussion instruments.

Tobin Mueller

"Tobin Mueller proves his originality, his inquisitiveness as a musician and thinker. His fluid, full throttle energy as a pianist is inspiring. Whether arranging or improvising, he is engaged in an exciting dialogue of discovery with his inner self." - Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold, Fanfare Magazine

Tobin Mueller 

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